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Overnight Stays Help Everyone Rest Easy

Riley wants to play!

Riley wants to play!

The hardest part of leaving your furry family when you have to be away from home is wondering who can provide the love and attention you lavish on them every day.

The easiest part of leaving your furry family is knowing that they will be in the hands of a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience taking care of dogs and cats.

My overnight service provides:

  • In-your-home care for an overnight, a long weekend, a business trip or vacation.
  • One-on-one attention to your animal’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Lots of mental stimulation to keep your pet alert and happy.
  • An abundance of love and care that I would provide to my own pets.
  • Plenty of exercise and play time for your pet’s health and enjoyment.
  • Keeping your pet’s familiar routine along with scents and sounds that they know.
  • Keeping your pet safe and comfortable so you come home to a calm, healthy animal.
  • Daily notes on how your pet is doing and what we did together.
  • A service that can also be considered house sitting. The lights are on , a car is in the driveway and your newspapers and mail have been collected.
  • I can also give your dog private training lessons or reinforce training that has already taken place with me.

Day visits that make your pet’s day

Remember Spanky?

Remember Spanky?

Leaving your pets just for a day can be as worrisome as leaving them for an overnight.

However, my day service offers the same individual attention as does overnight care. While other companies promise 20 minute visits, Peace of Mind lavishes 45 minutes of quality time on your pet.

My day service includes:

  • Feeding and exercising dogs with 25 minute walks.
  • Feeding and playing with cats for 30 minutes.
  • Waste collection and disposal.
  • Administering medications if needed.
  • Collecting newspapers and mail.
  • Leaving notes, detailing the visit.
  • Making sure your pet has been stimulated and happy.
  • If needed, I can provide private training sessions or reinforce previous training.
  • Confidence that you will come home to a calm and cared for pet.


Certified Dog Trainers Oak Park, Illinois

Thank you for your interest in working with Peace Of Mind Dog Training and Pet Care. Please send us your message with any questions and concerns and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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